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Sysblue is an information security consulting and managed cybersecurity services firm with headquarters in Romania.
We help clients solve information security challenges based on risk, not fear. We have an expansive client portfolio which extends
across the nation, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Our team of certified professionals consists of highly qualified staff members,
all experts of the IT-security areas, including key industry veterans and thought leaders in mobile security with over 10 years
of international experience and multidisciplinary expertise

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Digital Forensic
IT audit experts
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Our Services

SysBlue’s combination of mature methodologies that are rooted in guidance from NIST, OWASP and others, along with an experienced team that is continuously testing the latest technologies, tools and techniques results in deliverables that are comprehensive, yet concise.


A complete test that aims to identify methods a hacker could use to gain full, persistent control of your system, enabling attacks that penetrate deeper into your network, validating your configuration and patch management and identifying the steps you can take to improve security.

Mobile attacks

Any mobile application forms part of an organisation's attack surface and should therefore be included within the scope of regular penetration testing. Most of the times, smartphones and mobile applications have access to sensitive data or interact with assets housed in an organisation's estate.

Red Team Assessments

Organizations can greatly improve their security by rethinking it from the perspective of an attacker trying to gain access to their most critical assets (data, people and systems). We provide unique services designed to assess the strength of your security programs.

Wireless testing

Your wireless network may be susceptible to exterior signal bleeding. SysBlue's wireless penetration testing services focus on the discovery of wireless access points, attempting to enumerate weaknesses in the wireless infrastructure.

Social engineering

With our social engineering testing services, we physically attempt to breach the security controls in place on location. Via phishing, we attempt to assess email security and user awareness and via telephone, we assess help desks, call centers and other divisions.

Web Hosting

We can power your business and help you create and expand your online presence in the shortest time possible.




Hosting Reseller

Become our certified partners and benefit from our strong infrastructure and efficient support team.

VPS Hosting

Move your application onto our powerful and stable VPS in just a few hours and start expanding your ideas.

Types of penetration tests

Ensuring that vulnerabilities that could leave your organization open to attack
are minimized is an essential part of any cyber security strategy – for small, medium-sized and large businesses alike.

White-Box Test

White box security testing is performed based on having all the details of the application by testing the application’s internal workings. It is frequently performed with access to the full source code, so source code scans and reviews are often included as part of the testing process. Full access internally (locally) to the application is provided, including log-in credentials and full authentication.

Grey-Box Test

As its name would imply, gray box security testing is a combination of white box and black box testing. It is the most ideal approach to take when you need to balance time, cost, and impact. Gray box security testing can be employed in various ways, depending on the application and the testing goals. It may, for example, be performed by testing the ease of exploiting the potential vulnerabilities identified in white box testing.

Black-Box Test

Black box security testing mimics the actions of a hacker, attacking the application from the outside. In doing so, it tests the functionality of the application. It is performed based on the assumption that the attacker has no knowledge of the inner workings of the application: it treats the application like a “black box” whose contents you can’t see, just as a hacker can’t see into your application.

Often known as “security testing” or “pen testing” - penetration testing actually attacks your own IT system, searching for holes in your security.

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Other services

Data recovery

At Sysblue, we understand how important your data is. We can help your company with data recovery services from media including HDD, RAID, solid state disks SSD, memory sticks, USB portable disks, SD cards, tapes and even mobile phones.

Web development

We offer a variety of website design, SEO, and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies.

Attack mitigation

We help protect your company and its employees against external cyber attacks such as malware, phishing, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), denial-of-service (DoS), man-in-the-middle, attacks credential reuse and much more.

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